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Over the path to recovery and wellness, patients need a support system. It’s a team effort. The support needs to include the patient, professional team, and family or loved ones.

But, how do we get the family involved, yet ensure they are aligned with the plan?

A family member’s involvement is complex and can be highly challenging.

Just like the healthcare professionals, they too need to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it - in order to motivate the patient.

As an example, we can take a family of 2 adult sisters taking care of their elderly mother. Both sisters love her and want to help her adhere to the wellness plan. But, what should they say to motivate her? How do they correlate what the doctor said, with what they are telling her?

Who should say it? When?

On the one hand, both sisters feel like they know their mother well enough. On the other hand, everything they say isn’t successful and oftentimes leads to loud conversations, preaching tones, and frustrations.

Unified messages, with the circle of trust

Well-Beat understands the root cause of the patient’s non-adherence to treatment, their barriers, and drivers.

This unique information, when communicated in unity with both professionals and a circle of trust, can motivate the patient towards better wellbeing and health outcomes.

We support the family too, by giving them a snapshot understanding of the patient, along with advice on the communication content tone, timing, and method.

For example – knowing the mother needs ongoing support from the first sister, we can guide her to say “Mom, we are right here with you. We’ll support you in everything you need. Let’s call the doctor and check what your healthcare plan is, and help you get through this together.”

If the mother needs to hear about alternatives from the second sister, we’ll guide her to say “Mom, here are some choices the doctor gave us, which one is better for you? Your health is important to us.”

Well-Beat connects the entire circle, in support of the health plan, for better treatment outcomes.

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