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Well-Beat on PipelBiz

Well-Beat is now on PipelBiz, Israel’s leading crowdfunding platform.

The campaign is open to 35 investors, and has already made waves in the media.

Check us out, and get in as this is one investment close to the hearts and minds of us all!

Well-Beat is the world's first expert system (SaaS Solution) that provides healthcare systems and caregivers with a hybrid solution of tools to create personalized communication for each patient alongside direct digital support for patients. This creates high effectiveness in complying with treatment among patients in general and patients with a chronic disease in particular.

The system is designed for healthcare organizations in the private and public sectors and its integration will result in significant efficiencies in patient communications and staff utilization, resulting in savings of billions of dollars per year for healthcare systems and payors. In remote patient management systems, the system improves the company's profitability and increases its revenue.

The company has strategic partners in the United States and signed contracts that will generate revenue as early as 2023.

In a study conducted by the company at Sheba-Tel Hashomer Hospital, with results published in the scientific magazine PLOS ONE, an increase of 300% in the patient's compliance with treatment was recorded.

The company operates in the chronic disease management, rehabilitation, and care at home markets. Bringing proven research to health centers in Israel and around the world, and its future is to expand the market and become a leader in patient communication and compliance.

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