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Well-Beat Won Second In the 2020 Healthcare Innovation Leadership Competition

We are proud to stand with Maccabi Health care Services, and win second place in the ‘2020 Healthcare Innovation Leadership’ competition of the #reboot2020 Forum.

“These are exciting times for Well-Beat, as we continue moving forward. It is essential, especially during these times of change and uncertainty, to drive, and motivate patients to keep up with their treatment plans. It is all about increasing communication accuracy, building relationships and loyalty, and driving further revenue to the healthcare providers and payers.

Professional teams are under serious stress, understaffed, caring for a large number of patients - both face to face, and remotely. Our platform is now able to ease their workload by empowering them with personalized motivational dynamic engagement tools.”

Ravit Ram Bar-Dea, Co-Founder & CEO Well-Beat

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