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Individualized Communication for Better Patient Compliance

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Make Every Interaction Count

Well-Beat's patient engagement platform strengthens the patient-provider relationship, motivates patient compliance, and keeps your practice thriving with dynamic, tailored and engaging communications. 

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Personalized Messages

Tune into each patient’s unique rhythm with highly personalized, automated and proactive interventions - keeping them informed, motivated and on track.

  • Custom-prioritized time-sensitive personal reminders and encouragement for patients. 

  • Targeted SMS messages can include predefined messages, assessment questions, attachments, free text, and more. 

  • Holistic AI-driven behavioral analysis of each patient, including 100 distinct characteristics and 1,400 trait clusters.

  • Constant adaptation to each patient's changing motivations and circumstances.

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Interactive Scripts

Caregiver scripts, guidance and recommendations make

one-on-one patient interactions frictionless and focused.

  • Easy-to-follow conversational guidelines. 

  • Presented in real time, whenever the caregiver needs it most.

  • Tailored to each patient and their specific treatment needs. 

  • Suitable for any event in the healthcare lifecycle.

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Enhanced Healthcare

Patient-centered communications enhance healthcare practices and improve compliance at every stage of treatment. 

  • A timeline of automated notifications and reminders are prioritized by clinical criteria.

  • Omnichannel communications create a consistent and coherent patient experience. 

  • Greater compliance increases the effectiveness of treatment plans.

  • Highly individualized and sensitive interactions increase patient satisfaction, retention and unsolicited recommendations.

High Value for Providers

Precision patient engagement improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, increases revenue, and expands growth opportunities for your practice.

  • Higher rates of patient enrollment (with tailored onboarding), improved treatment follow-through, and more frequent interactions contribute to increased revenue.

  • Automated, focused digital communications reduce the administrative burden on your staff. 

  • Less time and resources are spent on non-compliant patients and costly no-shows. 

  • Increased job satisfaction among caregivers.

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Seamless Integration

Confidently communicate with your patients across the care continuum. 

  • Integrated into the AthenaOne ecosystem, adding value to an array of health-tech solutions. 

  • Completely back-end, server-based SaaS solution

  • Simple to use, rapidly scalable, and seamlessly interfaces with all communication channels.

  • Fully compliant with HIPPA and other PHI standards.

Well-Beat radically improves the quality of patient-provider interactions. 

Here are the numbers.

Improved Adherence

Up to



Patient Engagement


Patient Satisfaction

Caregiver Satisfaction




"I was pleasantly surprised by the rapid uptake of the system by both patients, and our healthcare team. It was very easy to use; it was not intrusive, and patients saw real interest into what really makes them up. The team has insight into elements that were not there before".

—  Prof. Klempfner Robert, MD

Director of Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation Institute, Sheba Medical Center


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*No PHI collected or stored by Well-Beat system

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