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Leading the Way in Personalized Patient Communication at Well-Beat: A Conversation with Keren Aharon

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Keren Aharon, CSO and Co-founder of Well-Beat, explains the company's unique approach to patient engagement and communication.

Blending Psychology and Technology: A Deep Dive into Individual Patient Perspectives and Engagement

"I've always seen patient cooperation and engagement as rooted in personal connection. In essence, healthcare is a deeply personal journey, touching on both physical health and emotional well-being," Keren begins, "Rather than just dividing patients into categories, we see each patient as an individual, delving into their unique set of minds. Our goal is to focus on the individual within those groups".

Well-Beat blends psychological understanding with tech expertise. The aim is customized interactions for each patient. "We use technology to increase patient engagement and persistence by understanding the individual patient's mindset," Keren explains.

Exploring the Depths and Dynamics of Patient Care

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Well-Beat dives into the nuances of each patient's journey. " Our approach is to break down the patient characteristics instead of combining them into one view by looking at the persona, potential challenges, and motivations separately."

"Emotions and barriers evolve throughout a patient's healthcare journey," Keren says, highlighting the need for dynamic communication. Well-Beat is built to recognize and adapt to these shifts. For example, while a patient might start off skeptical, he or she can become sensitive to other things over time, or once skepticism is addressed. We're here to understand and address those shifts."

Crafting Customized Communication

"It's not just about what you say to a patient, but how you say it," Keren points out. Well-Beat prides itself on communication strategies that align with patients' needs. "Every message is tailored to resonate with the patient's current mindset, whether they need empathy and reassurance or straightforwardness."

Being in tune with a patient's engagement is crucial. "We're flexible. We encourage some patients to be part of the decision-making process and respect others' wishes to stay on the sidelines. The key is to identify ‘who needs what’ without falling into the ‘pleasing’ trap. This is where the patient says what he thinks the therapist wants to hear. The last thing we want is to put up emotional barriers by being tone-deaf to their needs and style," Keren adds.

Revolutionizing Patient Talk: Well-Beat's Blend of Tech and Heart

As we dive into the world of Well-Beat alongside Keren Aharon, one thing is clear: our approach to healthcare communication is both innovative and deeply empathetic. By balancing technological advances with a genuine understanding of the patient's emotional landscape, Well-Beat offers dynamic nurturing and a tailored experience every step of the way.

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