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Unleash the Power of Patient Engagement with Well-Beat's Pathway Feature

In the constantly evolving healthcare landscape, the value of personalized and patient-centric care cannot be emphasized enough. As healthcare professionals, you recognize the distinctiveness of each patient and the significance of tailoring treatment plans accordingly.

Enter Well-Beat's Pathway feature—an indispensable and adaptable tool that empowers you to efficiently support medical protocols and business rules, while fostering patient engagement and improving healthcare outcomes.

The Flexibility You Need

Pathway provides clinicians unparalleled flexibility to customize and fine-tune various activities within a patient's care journey. Whether you're managing chronic conditions or guiding patients through specific treatment plans, this feature enables you to create a roadmap that seamlessly aligns with their unique healthcare needs.

Set Specific Reminders and Generate Task Reports

A key advantage of Well-Beat's Pathway lies in its ability to set specific patient reminders. In today's fast-paced world, patients often require gentle reminders and timely prompts to stay on track with their healthcare regimens. With Pathway, you can effortlessly schedule reminders for medication, appointments, and other vital tasks, ensuring patients remain well-informed and engaged.

Pathways Overview

Our Pathways solution offers a comprehensive and configurable plan tailored to healthcare providers' and patients' diverse needs. This plan integrates a range of crucial features to streamline communication, education, and patient management.

Core Features of Patients' Pathways 

Content Sharing via SMS or Notifications: Easily send crucial information to patients through accessible means. This includes:

  • Instructions: Directions for arriving at the facility, user-friendly how-to guides, etc.

  • Educational Information: Informative scientific papers, enlightening videos, etc.

  • Clinical Details: Clear explanations of surgeries, medical procedure breakdowns, and more.

Form/Questionnaire Sharing: Distribute relevant forms for patients to fill out by sending them a link. Examples are:

  • PROMS (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures)

  • Checklists for various medical processes

  • Patient satisfaction surveys

Scheduling Capabilities: Organize and notify patients of:

  • Important appointments and meetings

  • Video consultation sessions

Personalized Messaging System: Remind patients of essential preparations, such as:

  • Pausing their food and drink intake

  • Adjusting medication schedules

Prescribed Activities: Guide patients on necessary actions leading up to their treatment, for example:

  • Lab tests

  • EKGs

  • X-Rays

  • Specialized training sessions

Monitoring and Closing the Loop: A key feature of patients' Pathways is the emphasis on monitoring pathway events, ensuring each event takes place as intended.

  1. Internal Monitoring Methods:

  • Detailed internal reports, capturing interactions like conversation scripts or chatbot engagements.

  • Utilizing a proxy method to track patient content consumption.

2. External Monitoring: Accessing vital patient data from the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or the dedicated platform, ensuring accuracy and timeliness in patient care. Read more: Leading the Way in Personalized Patient Communication at Well-Beat: A Conversation with Keren Aharon

Additionally, the feature allows you to generate comprehensive task reports. These reports provide invaluable insights into patient progress, adherence to treatment plans, and overall health trends. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions and adjustments to optimize patient care over time.

Seamless integration with Timeline Mapping

Imagine seamlessly integrating all these activities into a cohesive timeline map. With Pathway, this becomes a reality. The timeline map offers a clear and visual representation of the patient's journey, facilitating easy tracking of progress and upcoming healthcare milestones.

Personalized Care, Enhanced Engagement

Once you've created your Pathway template, you have the power to assign it to the patient. What sets Pathway apart is its adaptability—you can make real-time adjustments as needed to ensure the pathway seamlessly aligns with your expectations for the most effective outcome. This level of personalized care enhances healthcare outcomes and fosters increased patient engagement. Read more: Revolutionizing Remote Patient Monitoring with Well-Beat - the pulse of patient care

Patient Engagement and Healthcare Excellence

Pathway is a feature; it's a game-changer for clinicians. It empowers you to enhance patient engagement, increase adherence to treatment plans, and ultimately elevate the quality of healthcare you provide. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Well-Beat's Pathway ensures that you have the tools you need to deliver exceptional care tailored to each patient's unique journey.


In conclusion, patient engagement and healthcare excellence go hand in hand, and Well-Beat's Pathway feature stands as your key asset in realizing both. It's time to unlock the power of personalized care and take your patient engagement to the next level with Well-Beat.

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