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CEO & Co-Founder of Well-Beat, Ravit Ram Bar-Dea, won the women's entrepreneurship competition and will represent Israel in the final in Dubai

Entrepreneur Ravit Ram Bar-Dea, Co-Founder and CEO of Healthcare related startup – Well-Beat, has won first place in the TiE Women competition, conducted for the first time in Israel.

The winner will represent Israel in the Global competition, taking place in Dubai on October 2021, with 35 international women entrepreneurs.

Well-Beat has built a solution for healthcare to enhance communication with patients, by combining AI technology, Machine Learning, and Behavioral Science. The goal is to create a personalized message for each patient.

TiE is one of the largest global entrepreneurship organizations, with 15,000 active members, branched out at 61 offices across the world. Heading the Israeli branch is Legal counsel Anat Bernstein-Reich, Chief Executive Officer at BDO Consulting Israel-India Investment Banking and Business Development.

Ten female leaders participated at the competition, including Kinoko Tech which develops alternative protein, Solidblock transforming Real Estate into digital shares using blockchain, and Serenus AI-based platform that empowers medical decisions at critical post-diagnostic crossroads.

Counsel Bernstein-Reich: “Female entrepreneurship in Israel is a source of pride. Watching the competition also included program executives and investors from around the world who were thrilled by the level of companies’ expertise and already expressed interest in investing in a few breakthrough companies. TiE has become a significant player in Israel for connecting local entrepreneurs to the global market through several flagship programs. This includes entry to the Indian Market through Start-Up Nation, Pilots with the Japanese NTT organization, and various other student competitions.”

The five competition judges included: Anat Tsour Segal, Venture Capital Cleantech & Biotech Consensus Business Group IDC Herzlia; Meital Shamia, Global Programs Manager | Microsoft for Startups; Enterpeneur Shiran Melamdovsky Somech, Racheli Koken of the simple VC, and Ana Lipnik Levy Co-founder & Global CMO at The-Founders. TiE Israel CEO is Dr. Efrat Feniger, and program manager is Noa Muzzafi, specializing in Israel-Asia entrepreneurship. In addition, the the BDO group, sponsoring the activities in Israel, program partners included are ‘The Founders’, WeAct, and Microsoft for Start-Ups, along with the Israel Asia Chamber of Commerce and the Europe-Israel Innovation forum.

Original article posted in Hebrew, in New Tech-Online

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