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THE BATTLE AGAINST COVID-19: Seeing individuals, not crowds

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Ram Bar-Dea, Co-Founder & CEO

In today’s changing circumstances, where the world is dealing with a new pandemic and its implications, patient communication and relationship need to adapt. We need to look at re-creating trust with patients even without seeing them (face to face, or in-person), while understaffed, overworked, and struggling with low budgets. We need to tailor the narrative and messaging to the patient, wherever they are - social media, website, or other digital platforms.

The question becomes - how can we see individuals, and not crowds?

Well-Beat understands patients, without the need to physically see them. Our machine learning algorithms enable an accurate identification of the individual’s traits and characteristics, which play a significant role in their behavioral pattern. In a matter of seconds Well-Beat’s ‘recommendation engine’ learns the root cause of the behavior path, and continues to guide the provider on effective communication.

The content and instructions are personalized to each patient, providing proactive communication suggestions, which are especially relevant to isolated individuals and large populations. These suggestions are dynamic and change depending on the patient’s behavior and health plan.

Most importantly, it can be done digitally!

Well-Beat harnesses our know-how and advanced technology to support large-scale nation-wide efforts by:

• Identifying individuals’ conscious and unconscious motives underlying compliance /non-compliance with medical recommendations, which is the basis for personalizing digital messaging

Adapting to any digital platform to transmit essential information in a way that matches each recipient’s unique motivational profile and maximizes receptivity.

Continuously integrating real-time feedback about individuals’ actual behaviors and adherence patterns in order to increase the motivational impact of ongoing digital messaging.

Wish to personalize patient engagement, even digitally - in the era of COVID-19?

Let’s talk

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