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Well-Beat Welcomes Dr. David Nash to Its Global Advisory Board

An internationally recognized authority on quality-of-care, Dr. Nash joined Well-Beat to help shape what he sees as the company’s important role in the future of value-based healthcare.

Well-Beat, an Israeli start-up bringing behavioral AI to ongoing patient healthcare, has appointed the internationally acclaimed physician and educator Dr. David Nash to its Global Advisory Board.

Dr. Nash is Founding Dean Emeritus of the Jefferson College of Population Health, Editor-in-Chief of Population Health Management, and author of How Covid Crashed the System. Internationally recognized for his work in public accountability for outcomes, physician leadership development and quality-of-care improvement, he has been repeatedly named to Modern Healthcare’s list of Most Powerful Persons in Healthcare. Dr. Nash has received many awards in recognition of his achievements, and he is well known through his many publications, public and virtual appearances, and an online column,

MedPage Today. He joined the Well-Beat Advisory Board at the end of November 2022, adding his expertise to that of Professor Dan Zakay and Gili Tamir of IDC Herzliya, Professor On Amir of UC San Diego, Dr. Michal Gilon of Schneider Hospital, data scientist Dr. Jackie Assa, and radiologist Dr. Sydney Ulreich.

“It’s wonderful to be involved with an innovative company like Well-Beat,” Dr. Nash said. “I was very intrigued by the Well-Beat approach to promoting treatment adherence, because it builds on creating an ongoing personalized connection with patients for more value-based care. The research in this area has been very consistent for decades. We know that only one quarter of all patients do what we hope they'll do when we write a prescription. That’s actually a great opportunity for Well-Beat and indicates the important role it can play working in close collaboration with healthcare providers. It gives RPM and virtual healthcare providers the tools they need to better understand their patients.”

Dr. Nash also noted the importance of a cardiac rehabilitation pilot carried out by Well-Beat at the Sheba Medical Center. The documented tripling of treatment compliance among patients after the implementation of the Well-Beat technology was just the sort of outcome metrics that Nash believes are currently lacking for many digital health systems.

For US-based partners, increased patient compliance with healthcare regimens and responsiveness to referrals will maximize revenue from CPT codes. In addition, it will reduce the expense associated with the previous, more time- and resource-consuming efforts at encouraging patient compliance. Streamlining and personalizing healthcare communication workflows with Well-Beat automation improves overall efficiency and treatment effectiveness, increasing employee retention rates and lowering overall care costs.

“We are very honored that Dr. Nash has joined us,” said Ravit Ram Bar Dea, CEO and Co-founder at Well-Beat. “His experience and expertise is contributing immeasurably to our mission of bringing the best of artificial intelligence and behavioral science together. Our mutual goal is to empower care providers, not replace them with bots, with dynamic, adaptive insights that help achieve optimal outcomes from every patient interaction. We also see eye to eye on the need for collaboration in healthcare, which is why Well-Beat’s patient personalization includes unified communications across channels and caregivers, at any scale, with full integration into the various systems healthcare providers are currently using.”

About Well-Beat. Well-Beat brings humanity to healthcare with a next-generation behavioral change solution enabling healthcare organizations to dramatically increase patient engagement and treatment regime adherence at any scale. With a deep understanding of healthcare interactions and proprietary data-driven technology, Well-Beat provides dynamic personalization for more effective face-to-face meetings with patients, intelligent digital interventions, and insight into the most suitable wellness program for each patient. Healthcare organizations partnering with Well-Beat boost their operational efficiency, increase revenues and reduce long-term costs, while improving the patient experience and ensuring their treatment standards. Learn more at

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